Romanian Film Fest Arizona 2023

Romanian Film Festival 2023 - Nov 11-12 @ Majestic Tempe 7, online Nov. 4-12

THE ROMANIAN FILM FESTIVAL, 3rd EDITION: “One Eye Laughing, One Eye Crying”

WHEN: NOVEMBER 4-12, 2023

WHERE: Majestic Tempe 7, Nov 11-12 & Online Nov. 4-12

The name of the third edition of the Romanian Film Fest Arizona, “One Eye Laughing. One Eye Crying,” celebrates Romanians’ capacity to laugh, oftentimes sarcastically, in the midst of hardships. 

The festival is made possible in part by generous support from the Melikian Center: Russian, Eurasian & East European Studies at Arizona State University

ASU The Melikian Center - Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies

This project is partially funded by a City of Tempe – Community Arts Grant.

November 11-12 @ Majestic Tempe 7



NR  104 min.

Drama/Comedy (1993). Critics Award, Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, 1993

This is a restored version of the debut feature of Nae Caranfil (known for Closer to the Moon), thirty years after its premiere in Cannes. During the last years of communist Romania, Cristina is having a difficult time with her boyfriend. He wants her to have sex with him before his mandatory stint in the army. She wants him to marry her first. He has some vague plans to defect – could those be the reason he is receiving mysterious phone calls? Or are they the work of an anonymous admirer?

Original Language: Romanian. With English Subtitles.

Directed by Nae Caranfil. Cast: Nathalie Bonnifay, Costel Cascaval, George Alexandru, Marius Stanescu, Coca Bloos, Florin Calinescu, Marius Florea



NR 97 min.  

Comedy/Drama (2023). Lică, a taxi driver, is an all knowing guy, while Liviu, his friend, also a taxi driver, keeps a lot to himself. They are trying to rediscover who they are and what they can do with their life while being on an ongoing adventure on the streets of Bucharest where they cross paths with all kinds of clients who end up having an impact on their lives, for better and for worse.

Original Language: Romanian. With English Subtitles.

Directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu. Cast: Alexandru Ion, Rolando Matsangos, Maria Popistașu, Monica Bârlădeanu, Andi Vasluianu, Ioana Bugarin, Cosmin Nedelcu



NR 68 min.

Documentary (2023). Berlinale Fipresci Award (Forum), 2023

In 1970s Bucharest, Zahra and Maria formed a deep friendship while studying at university. As political turmoil brews in Iran, Zahra is forced to return home, leaving Maria behind. Over the next decade, they maintain their connection through a series of letters, chronicling their struggles as women fighting for a voice in their respective countries moving in divergent directions. From the director’s statement: “It is a hybrid film that mixes archives and real documents with fictional elements (…). The text of the letters is inspired by archives from the Secret Police and by the poems of two important female writers from Romania and Iran – Nina Cassian and Forugh Farrokhzad and is written by one of the most talented Romanian contemporary writers – Lavinia Braniște.”

Original Language: Romanian. With English Subtitles.

Directed by Vlad Petri. Cast: Victoria Stoiciu, Ilinca Hărnuț 

Man of Deeds


NR  105 min.

Comedy/Drama (2022). Best Feature, Best Actor, Gopo Awards, 2023.

Ilie (late 30s) enjoys the easy life of a village policeman. His passivity during a series of violent events soon turns him into an accomplice to murder. Tension accumulates in the village, forcing Ilie to make a final decision.

Original Language: Romanian. With English Subtitles.

Directed by Paul Negoescu. Cast: Iulian Postelnicu, Vasile Muraru, Vitalie Bichir 

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